11 Oct

Men can Get Manicures for Their Wedding Days, Too

Little Tennessee Event Farm Team
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A variety of wedding day cosmetic preparations are geared toward the bride-to-be. Gentlemen generally limit their wedding pampering to a haircut and possibly a self-tanning product to have a golden glow in their wedding photos.

As social norms continue to relax and guys grow more comfortable and confident taking care of their skin, hair and bodies, the list of services men undergo in advance of special occasions may widen. One service that many men have already embraced is the manicure.

Manicures neaten the fingernails and treat the skin and cuticles of the fingers and can be just as beneficial for men as women. In fact, male-geared hand and foot grooming have already sprouted a niche market, including the Hammer & Nails Grooming for Guys franchise that was featured on the popular show "Shark Tank."

Nail technicians can help guys achieve a clean look and alert men to possible underlying health issues present on their hands and feet. According to Dr. David E. Bank, a clinical professor of dermatology at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, technicians are trained to recognize possible fungus and other infections within the nails.

Depending on his profession, a man's hands may be on display and the appearance of those hands can help close deals or present a more professional look. Manicures can help men achieve that. They're also ideal for special occasions like weddings, when guys want to be groomed to perfection. GQ magazine advises that the occasional professional manicure can offer nice, even nails without out-of-control cuticles - no polish or gel tips necessary.

First-timers may be hesitant to give manicures a try. While salon services can differ, here's what a typical manicure will entail.

  • Nails are cut and filed.
  • Hands will be soaked in warm water and/or oil to soften skin and cuticles.
  • Cuticles are pushed back or trimmed.
  • Moisturizer may be applied, and hands are given a brief massage.
  • Clear polish can be used if desired. However, a thorough buffing also can create a healthy shine to the nail.

Men may want to visit nail salons during off-peak times if they are shy about requesting services. Otherwise, they can visit businesses that cater to men's grooming.

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