18 Oct

Get Married to the Idea of Hiring a Wedding Planner

Little Tennessee Event Farm Team
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Couples see their weddings as not only the start of a new life together, but also as one of the most important organizational jobs they may ever encounter. Looking at weddings in the latter light makes it easy to see why many couples hire professional wedding planners.

Many couples initially eschew the idea of hiring wedding planners. But when it comes to wedding expertise, professional planners can guide couples in all the right directions - ultimately helping them save money overall.

Expertise is not the only advantage to hiring a wedding planner. These people are often skilled at negotiations and can serve as buffers between couples and vendors. Brides and grooms also can rely on wedding planners to avoid to succumbing to the stress of planning their weddings. The following are some other reasons why hiring a wedding planner can be a smart move.

  • Planners handle the not-so-fun parts. Trying cake flavors and picking out bouquet colors might be exciting, but figuring out how many tipsy wedding guests can fit in a shuttle bus back to a hotel may not. Wedding planners can step in when necessary to handle the more mundane tasks, like organizing receipts or putting together guest toiletry baskets.
  • Planners may be privy to discounts. Some planners may have long-lasting professional relationships with vendors, and these relationships may help couples get better prices on certain services. Planners also have the expertise to advise on which purchases are smart and which may be unnecessary.
  • Properly vet vendors and stay on top of deadlines. Wedding planners can investigate all vendors and be in charge of getting them paid on time. Planners also can keep track of upcoming deadlines, ensuring that all parties arrive on time to rehearsals, fittings, appointments, and, of course, the wedding.
  • Planners can help establish a budget. Wedding planners can assist couples in developing their wedding budgets. Because they know how much many services cost, planners can provide accurate estimates on wedding bills and how to allocate funds.
  • Planners can free up time. When couples are not bogged down with running errands or scheduling every detail of the wedding, they can enjoy the time leading up to their weddings even more. That means more time can be spent planning the honeymoon.

Weddings are multifaceted events that require substantial forethought. Wedding planners help keep couples on task, on budget and less stressed.

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